Fill me with words of lust and care, of tenderness and need; of raking touches and tongues, of praying and fucking. Worship my body, let me worship yours. Running fingertips over your skin, over your scars, touching your flaws with reverence and wonder. Everything and nothing inside this moment against your vibrating body, and the sensations sing like tenors. Taste your sweat, your blood, your tears and fears and all those years of nothing. We’re found falling into this embrace and perhaps we’ll never let go, never wash it off, never be free of the mark. Eyes like tar, a smile like hunger. Surrounded by stars and satin, push me into the goose down with the hardness of your body, trap me here, eyes blind and limbs bound and make me yours as you are mine.

Cherish me and I will honor you. Fuck me and I will follow you. Make me forget and I will hold you here with my lust, my cunt, my lips. Stolen moments hidden from lives of normalcy. Do not let me down. Do not allow my fear. I will shelter in your breast, a secret you hold, and we’ll find it; our acceptance.


You pulled me in and held me with

your thoughts.

You placed my hands above my head and bound me

with nothing more than a word.

With savagery and tenderness you laid

your claim and left your marks.

Before we ever touched, I was yours.


It was a naked moment. One where more is said than intended and you knew it. I knew it.

You can’t go back, can’t dress it again. You said it, I believed it. Here we are.

You traced my curves with your eyes, and the softness you felt seeped through the chink. Your obsession is known, your soul is naked.

Is mine?