Fill me with words of lust and care, of tenderness and need; of raking touches and tongues, of praying and fucking. Worship my body, let me worship yours. Running fingertips over your skin, over your scars, touching your flaws with reverence and wonder. Everything and nothing inside this moment against your vibrating body, and the sensations sing like tenors. Taste your sweat, your blood, your tears and fears and all those years of nothing. We’re found falling into this embrace and perhaps we’ll never let go, never wash it off, never be free of the mark. Eyes like tar, a smile like hunger. Surrounded by stars and satin, push me into the goose down with the hardness of your body, trap me here, eyes blind and limbs bound and make me yours as you are mine.

Cherish me and I will honor you. Fuck me and I will follow you. Make me forget and I will hold you here with my lust, my cunt, my lips. Stolen moments hidden from lives of normalcy. Do not let me down. Do not allow my fear. I will shelter in your breast, a secret you hold, and we’ll find it; our acceptance.


Running paint
Black and white
These ghouls abide
Both day and night
Never leaving
Me alone
Your face and voice
And touch, their own

Macabre we stand
On shifting sands
Your beating heart
Held in my hand
I didn’t mean
To tear you down
I only clung
So I wouldn’t drown

Turn away your accusations
Save your lies and cast aspersions
For what you know of me is false
And shielded by these mountain walls

They’ll find our bones here
Bleached to white
And write for us
Some detailed flight
Of fancy, romance
Lovers scorned
But our truth will rot here

This Moment

I can’t leave this darkness
or extinguish this light
I never laughed with the sinners
nor mourned you at night

I can’t beg forgiveness
for demons that lie
in wait of a soul
to mark and defile

I can’t leave your arms
or look away from your eyes
I can’t share with you truth
of a fear that won’t die

But I can kiss your mouth
and crave every touch
I can return tenfold
your raging lust

Because of all the things
I cannot do
I can rest in the breast
of this moment with you.


I lose myself
In the sound of my name
Wrapped round your tongue
As you ask
For me, only me
Beautiful feeling, to be craved
Held and tasted
Wasted in an
Embrace unyielding
Gentle and shielding
The horrors of this life
We bear beneath
Bared, unsheathed
A knife cut
Sweet and merciful
Lost within
The whispers and gasps
Firsts, lasts, trembling
Reminded of why
You begin and end
With me.

Moving On

Whispered in voices
Not heard before
Dropping the notes
Of ghostly discord
Turn off your mind
And follow the thought
The one takes you back
To all that you’ve lost
Lost in his arms
In the clutch of his eyes
In the safety he offered
Though thinly disguised
Found in the fall
From grace to the damned
And left on this highway
That ain’t heaven-bound
Bound beneath lust
Held fast by the ties
Of pleasures unknown
Unimagined, untried
And wondering what part
Of love do we keep
Can it whither, yet stay
In our hearts when we leave?
Perhaps it’s about
Healing and time
And maybe your promises
Weren’t all of them lies
And maybe I’ll waken
Here one day soon
And thank God for that day
When I found and met you.

Standing Still

One day lost
inside the light
which was hope
joy, peace
bland and nothing
masked over the raging
roaring tumult of truth

by wanton eyes
mine or his
two heart beats
or just the one
watching the life
he’d lived without me
flicker by
like a film strip

And I asked him
Is this happiness?
Bodies wrapped in lust
mouths locked
sexes wet
the eagerness
of a touch yet had
And he said, No, Babe-
This is Love

The road is never
there is never joy
without sadness yawning
in its forests
there is never rest
till after the battle
has been fought

But there are these
within the war
when I taste desire
and understand Eternity
when we drift
in an embrace
we know is unbreakable
and Time
for a second
Stands still.


You left behind
This beautiful beating thing
This heart
Rich and winged
Unsullied by brokenness
By meanness, hatred, vitriol
You looked away
For a moment, and it was gone
No longer yours
To watch or share
No longer something
For you to cherish, guard
You left behind
Kindness and generosity
The kind of love
Poets sing
And singers paint
And painters write
And writers bury inside
Whiskey and words-the jewelled
Tinges of fucking and romance
You had it in your hands
For a second
But you had better things to do
To see, to experience
Better than this, me
My gift to you-
But when you put it aside
You taught me something
About the soundness
Of love, the strength
Of a pure soul
I meant you no harm
I loved you with every part
And I am stronger
Ever more capable and deserving
Of better.