Save the Date



It crept up, hid in the ordinary mundane of one day after another until the alarm on the phone chimed. You have an event tomorrow, it told her. An event? What event… surely she would remember… And it crept in, a memory around the fringes of her consciousness. The excitement of the unknown, seeing something new, feeling something new. Her mind tried to close the door on it. It felt like one of those silly cartoons, where whatever is hiding there squeezes out like play dough all around the edges, in spite of the effort to shut it.

She swiped it away with her thumb. Are you sure? it inquired. Yes. Very sure. Sometimes she thought the pain would never go away. Not the one they called a phantom in the limb that was no longer there – she didn’t mind that one. It reminded her there had once been something there. No, the pain of loss, of all those plans and hopes and dreams… the pain of living a life without him.



Thank you to Linda for a great prompt. Head over to SoCS to be inspired and for the participation rules!

12 thoughts on “Save the Date

    1. I love SoC writing; I’ve been using it as a ‘warm up’ tool for years, and I think it’s kind of trained the way my brain and imagination handles words and ideas. Thank you again 🙂

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