Technical Difficulties

I am curious as to whether any other wordpressers are getting a warning that says ” ‘’ may be suspended.” It then gives the options to “Fix.”

The fix just sends you a verification email that you then have to… well… verify. I have gone through this rigamarole, to no avail. I am trying to determine if this is a wordpress glitch or if I should contact someone about it.

My domain renewal is coming up, but not until October.

I’m also curious as to whether y’all can see my posts, or if I am, indeed, suspended…

17 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

      1. Well that message would lead me to that conclusion if it was my site and had not made any changes recently. Maybe I read it Saturday. Days can blur with all the reading I do
        I would certainly contact support of WP or your host. GoDaddy or whoever it is.

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  1. Definitely sounds like you’ve been hacked. This message that tells you your domain has been suspended: How did you get it? Email, a pop-up box, or a message on the dashboard? Sounds like someone might be phishing…

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  2. I haven’t seen a post from you in my feed in weeks. A while back (a week, maybe 10 days ago?) I tried to come by to see what was up and got a message that your site was not available.
    Seeing your like earlier on my post from yesterday is what prompted me to come back and try again. I’ll try unfollow/refollow to see if that works at this end.
    And, while I’m thinking of it, are you no longer on twitter?

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    1. Hiya Norm! Good to see you, too. I’m not sure what’s happening… we went through some site changes, but have been here all along, though quiet at times. Am trying to post more regularly with Hope. I think my domain may be screwing up… perhaps try typing into your browser? And I will have yet another convo with the Happiness Engineers to see if I can find out what’s going on… 🙂 I thank you for trying. I do enjoy your posts!

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