So Many Seconds

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It takes a second to say love you. A second to break trust. A split second to react poorly and a lifetime to recover. A foundation laid over months and years, and that look in your eyes that can either make me run hot or cold, it’s all in the context, baby. Only a second to break it, all of it, and another second to ask for a second chance, or a second cup of coffee or a second to gather myself and my thoughts like the scattered baby ducklings they are. We built a life on seconds. We rise or fall, laugh or cry, stand up and fight or lie down and die. Choose wisely, because a second is all you get.

Give me a second here, I need to get my story straight.**

**Song lyric from We Are Young – Fun.



Thank you to Linda for a great prompt. Head over to SoCS to be inspired and for the participation rules!

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