Coming Soon – The Author


She squirmed, tried to ignore the pain between her legs. She knew he was watching. Watching while this man, this stranger, paid for the right to hurt her. It wasn’t the first time.

But it was the first time she had the Thought.

When he was finished the stranger left her there. Left her to clean up, to wait for the next time. Maybe it wouldn’t be tonight. Maybe it wouldn’t be for weeks. It was the not knowing that killed. Mama wouldn’t approve. Mama would say this isn’t right behavior for a little girl. This is what grownups do. And Mama would hit her while daddy drank in the barn.

Thomas? Thomas, help me…

This is a sneak peek at a longer work that I’m trying to get edited and posted here, hopefully through this upcoming holiday weekend. I know I’ve been scarce, and probably been hinting around at it for quite sometime, but I feel like my work is pulling me in a different direction.

This work (I’m not sure how to categorize it; it is significantly longer and more detailed and story driven than most of what I’ve posted here) is a return to my roots. To my beginning. It was one of the first structured, plotted stories I wrote, with the date on the working draft 1997. I was 22.

It’s heavily influenced by the old gumshoe detective novels, with a touch of mystery, some romance, and my signature dip into the darker corners of the human psyche, something of a taste of what was to come for me. And I think also there is a sensuality running beneath it all, a hint of sex and lust and other forces that drive people to do the things they do.

It is rough, but I am posting it mostly as it was written back then. I feel it’s time to share it, and time for me to branch out. I would enjoy any feedback you have to offer.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy July fourth weekend.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The Author

  1. Missed reading you!!! As usual, your flair has not lessened and you still draw in the mind and capture the imagination with the curiosity of ‘what’s next?’…nice write Felicity. What happened to your other blog? Just curious. I too am thinking of starting a “new page”. Love and light sweetness. Hugz

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    1. Thank you! Trying to listen to my muse. This is the same blog, I have just re named it. I feel like I painted myself into a corner with the erotica… I need to not limit myself quite so much 🙂 I can’t wait to see your ‘new page’ takes you 🙂 Wishing you everything!

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