She told him how much she wanted to feel his hands on her, gripping her. Not painfully, but with possession. With intent. Hold me like I might get away, she said.

What else? He wanted to know.

She couldn’t say it. It was too foreign a concept to her own mind, that word she so desperately needed to hear. If she said it aloud, it might lose something, become less.

Tell me, baby girl. His voice in her ear made her heart accelerate, her breath come faster, raised gooseflesh along her shoulders and arms and down her thighs. It did more than that. Do you know how badly I want to see you? Want to put my hands on you, feel your skin, your warmth, put my fingers in MY cunt and feel your desire for me? he said

Yes, she whimpered. That. That’s what else.


She listened to him breathe. Listened to her body clamor.

Why can’t you tell me, baby? Don’t be afraid.

If you were here, she said, I would whisper it. With my lips against your ear, and your arms around me.

Sweetheart, it was almost a croon. I am here. I am wrapped around you in every way you can imagine, baby girl. Do you know why?

Her heart leapt again because he was going to say it. The one thing she needed to hear. Why, Daddy? She whispered against the mouthpiece, anticipation causing her voice to tremble..

Because. You are mine.

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