The Coffee House

Finally, he was coming through. Our first face to face meeting after months of conversation, of emails and chats and video calls. We’d agreed on a little coffee house in a little town off the Interstate; not too far off his path and far enough off mine. I was grateful I didn’t have to go farther this time. It helped my nerves not to be faced with such a leap out of my comfort zone. I knew in my heart I’d drive any distance for that first look, first embrace… that first kiss.

I arrived far too early. I was afraid of missing him; he said we wouldn’t have long. Amazing how closely euphoria and sorrow can live.

It was a nice day; a bit windy and still needed a fleece, but sunny. I dressed simply in a black knit top and straight dark denim skirt, finished with stockings and black leather boots. I leaned back against the fender of my Jeep.

My heart was doing a series of gymnastics. I took deep breaths as the cars streamed in and out of the lot. I’d parked at the back where I could see the entrance but was out of the way, unnoticed. Would he like what he saw? I was painfully and deliriously aware of every detail of my person; from my freshly exfoliated skin to my shaved and wet pussy and my choices of underwear and body spray. I’d taken the juices from inside and dabbed them on the pressure points of my temples, throat and behind my earlobes. I wasn’t convinced I’d be good enough, but I needed to believe I was. If I didn’t I’d run. I’d call and give a bogus story about car trouble.

I knew it was him the second he pulled in. I hugged my arms under my breasts and tried to look casual and confident. I couldn’t see his expression for the distance and the glass, but he came right for me, pulling into the space adjacent. Killed the engine. I didn’t know what to do with myself, or how to calm my errant heartbeat. I stood where I was at the rear of the car looking at the ground and the sky and smiling a smile I hoped didn’t show as many nerves as I felt.

I heard the door open and close. The clamor of traffic and geese and voices muffled and far off. The heavy conflicting odors of diesel and donuts. The sound of his approaching footfalls, and his voice saying, “Well, hello there, sexy girl.”

I was tongue tied but I smiled, then his arms were around me. I wrapped mine around his neck and held on like I might never let go. I felt his heartbeat, his heat, heard his breath; I held on to the reality, the physicality of him. He was hot and solid and unmoving. I thought maybe I was holding on too tight, or for too long, but he wasn’t letting go either. We stayed and swayed and embraced, and he whispered against my ear in that deep familiar voice, “Cat got your tongue?” He made me laugh. Everything was okay.

He finally pulled back. Not far, only enough to look into my face, his eyes and lips so close; his hand moved to the back of my neck. He said, “I can’t believe it,” and his face was leaning closer. His tongue brushed the outline of my lips before becoming more insistent until he was kissing me in a way I’d never been kissed. I tasted his hunger. His white whiskers scratched and tickled. I heard both our pulses. His clothes were moving over his skin under my touch and his hands slid lower until he pulled me firmly into his body, against his hard cock. My insides turned molten, the heat bubbling through me.

When we needed to breathe, I put my hands on either side of his neck, kept my hips pressed against his, and leaned our foreheads together. “Wow,” was all I managed.

“I want to make you mine. Right here,” he growled. There was a glint in his dark eyes, and I smiled and flushed. I pulled him in closer, adjusted his big coat to shield what I was doing from prying eyes. I caught his gaze once again with a wanton boldness that surprised me as I slid my hand down the front of my skirt, into my lace panties, deeper and deeper, my breath catching. He braced his hands on the car on either side, creating a sanctuary. I couldn’t believe I had my fingers in my cunt while a man I’d just met watched, in a public parking lot on a bright sunny day… I flushed deeper, and he stared with something that may have been wonder on his face. Or naked lust. I was too caught in the moment to differentiate.

I brought my hand back up and out, taking it to his lips. It was shining, dripping. “Taste?” I whispered.

He never let my eyes go as he took what I offered. I thought I could come just feeling his heat and saliva, his teeth, his tongue, the insistent twitch of that cock I so badly wanted to suck… he carefully, hungrily cleaned every trace from my fingers. I knew he approved; I could feel it, see it. “You are a little vixen, aren’t you?” he smiled then.

“We could get in the car, I could-”

His grin grew, and he pulled me into another hug, kissing my cheek and my hair. “No. No, not like this. Let’s go inside, I’ll buy you a coffee. Let’s talk.”

“You sure?” But he had my hand and we were walking to the building.

“Yes. But that desire of yours, baby girl, that’s going to get you into trouble.”

We sat in the farthest corner where it was quiet, coffee steaming between us. “I wish we had more time,” he said.

“Seems we’re always wishing for that unicorn.”

“Yes, it does. How are you? Besides wet and very tasty.”

I flushed again, hotter still. His gaze was unrelenting, and left me feeling stripped bare. He didn’t stop at the surface. He kept looking, digging, peeling. What I had known of him in that regard over distance didn’t hold a candle to his intensity in person. “I am those things,” I laughed. “I’m just really glad to be here. Been a long time coming.”

“It’s just the beginning, Julia.”

I searched him.

He reached across the table and I put my hand in his. He squeezed it, caressed my skin with his thumb. “You have no idea what I’m thinking of doing to you right now, Sweetie.”

“I bet I do,” I challenged.

His eyes sparked. The smile didn’t quite reach his mouth. “Given more time, I’d drag you to the nearest hotel.”

“Like Fred Flintstone?”

That got a soft laugh. “Well, no. In that case, I’d drag you to my car and paddle us there.” He sipped his coffee. “You’re uncomfortable.”

I met his gaze. “No. No, I’m a lot of things. Uncertain. Excited. Dreading saying goodbye to you. But not uncomfortable.”

“Why are you uncertain?”

I looked out the window and squeezed his hand back. “This meeting is so brief, Daniel. But it changes everything.”


“I wonder if you’re still sure.”

“Yes.” There was no hesitation.


He squeezed harder until I looked at him. “Yes.”

“It just makes me want more of you.” It was a confession I felt to the bottom of my soul, but had difficulty saying aloud. It left me feeling vulnerable. I cast my eyes down, needing to hide from him the truth of how deeply I was feeling everything.

He suddenly let go of my hand, got up and slid into the booth beside me. He turned my head toward him and kissed me. It went beyond the first kiss… it was slow, sensuous, probing. I had the sensation of being savored. His hand trailed along my jaw and down my throat, down between my breasts. He brushed to the side, let his fingers sweep the undercurve then find the hard nipple, and he gave a gentle pinch, a tweak, before dropping it to my knee.

“Don’t let your coffee get cold,” he teased softly. But his hand was sliding higher, and it was his fingers on my bare skin. “You’re so soft. I want to put my tongue right here,” and his fingers pinched the delicate skin of my inner thigh, barely a hand’s breadth from my throbbing pussy.

I stifled a whimper.”You’re such a tease,” I croaked.

“Me?” he scoffed mildly. “Touch me.”

My eyes glanced around and my pulse jumped.

“No one can see. Touch me. Feel what you do to me.”

More intense eye contact as I let my hand slide down his crisp shirtfront to his belt buckle, where I paused. His breath caught. His fingers inched higher. I physically restrained myself from scooting to meet them.

“Do it.”

I did. No more hesitation. And that first brand on my palm, feeling him throb and listening to the growl in his chest. “I want you,” I whispered against his neck as my fingers closed around him through his jeans. “I want to swallow you. Lick you. Suck you till you can’t help but fuck my mouth-”

“Can I top you guys up?” a cheerful voice asked.

I held still, ducked my head and heard and felt him turn slightly, say no thank you, and felt his hand leave and his arm go around my shoulders. I still had hold of his cock beneath the table, and he was even harder than before.

“You like that?” he whispered against my hair when she was gone. “It’s all yours, Sweetie.”

I stroked slowly. Firmly.

“Careful,” he warned.


I felt his tongue dip into my ear sending a shower of goosebumps down my back and arms. “You’ll make me come.”

“What if I want to?” I did. I wanted to feel him spasm, to watch his eyes while he released, to hold him in my hand and kiss his mouth and know I was responsible for the pleasure he felt. I wanted it more than I had ever wanted anything.

He growled again.The tension strummed through every part of his body, like a guitar string wound too tightly just before it frays and snaps, and I realized how tense my own was. I eased back, ran my hand along his thigh and looked at him. He kissed me again. Harder, a nip of my lower lip that sent an arrow of sensation through my nipples and clit and a fresh flood of desire from my cunt.

“When I can walk again, we’ll go outside. It’s getting close.”

I thought I might cry. Not gentle tears of longing, but a sorrowful wail that was filling my chest and making my head ache. I bit it back.

He rested his hand on my thigh, on top of my denim skirt, while we sipped our coffee in silence. The familiarity and weight of it was both titillating and comforting. I would feel it there long after this day had passed, and it would continue to awaken arousal each time I did.

He took out his wallet, tossed down a bill, and took my hand. “Come on.”

I wanted to dig in like a fractious young horse. Wanted to physically keep him here. But I resisted.

He held my hand firmly in both of his, my arm clasped against his body. It was gentle but unyielding, possessive. I wondered who this woman was that I loved it so.

“Listen to me,” he said as we walked. “Are you listening?”


“You’re everything you claimed to be, and then some. You are amazing, beautiful, funny, intelligent… you challenge me on many levels. We start here. I need you to understand that.”

His words registered and I tried to believe them. “Okay.”

“I don’t want you leaving here today wondering what I’m thinking.”

I laughed. “You know me well.”

“I think so. What I’m thinking is, I want you. All of you, everything you’ll give me. And it will take work and patience, for both of us. But it will be worth it. You’re worth it.”

“Thank you. We are. And I can be patient.Sorry, I’m being ridiculous.” I was crying and cursing myself for it while trying to hide it from him. He stopped us again and pulled me close.

“None of that. This is a happy day, Julia. It could have gone either way. Sometimes you can click over distance but not be able to tolerate someone up close.”

“You feel it?”

He hugged tighter. “Oh yeah. I feel it.”

We kept walking and he let me dry my eyes. I looked at him and smiled. “I can live on these feelings for awhile, Daniel. As long as it takes.”

“Not too long. I intend to give you more feelings than we’ve had time for today.” We were back to the cars. “I’m leaving here far hungrier than when I arrived.” I loved his gentle teasing, his dry humor; they put me at ease.

I looked at him boldly. “I want to taste you. Give me five minutes.” I grinned.

He laughed. “Tempting. Very tempting.”

“Why not?”

“Because,” he stepped close and took my face between his hands. They were strong and textured by callous. I wanted to feel them on the most intimate parts of me, parts that no one got to touch except him. “I get to go first.” He kissed my lips, then my mouth. We stood in the lengthening sunshine and feasted on one another like eager teenagers. Our bodies pressed together, our tongues dancing and exploring… I sank into it as though into a hot bath. My hands explored his hair, his smooth cheeks, neck and broad shoulders, one finally coming to rest over his heart.

He broke it with a soft groan. “It’s time.”

I nodded. He opened my car door, and I turned and hugged him again, ferociously. He made a happy sound and returned it with a firm, scratchy kiss against my neck. “In you go.”

He closed the door and I turned the ignition and lowered the window. “You be careful,” I told him.

“Yes, mom.”

I laughed.

“I will see you soon. And we’ll talk sooner. Goodbye, Lover.” He thumped the door with his hand and stepped back. Throwing it into reverse was one of the most physically difficult things I’d ever done. As I pulled away, he raised his hand, and I memorized the sight of him standing there; I felt sadness, but also awe at this rare thing we’d found, this friendship. And I felt a quietness I didn’t remember ever feeling with anyone. A certainty.

It was just the beginning.

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