Cold – Writing Prompt #149 “Collage 18”

And how quickly you run cold, I forget when I’m away from you. That passion that sets my cock afire, drives me to please you, please me, please, please please… Then you’re cold. What did I do? Not do?

But you’re so quiet. Are you angry? Upset? I know you suffer. I forget because you smile, always smiling. And I forget to look closely because your eyes tell. Maybe I don’t want to know. Maybe I’m a shit person because I don’t want to know what I can’t fix. My cock is still hard. I still want you, even though you’re cool and quiet. Can I bring you back with my lust? If I kiss your mouth, and taste your tongue, slide my fingers against your clit, will you flow for me, Baby? Flow and writhe and scream, I want you to release because then I feel I’ve done something good for you.

You deserve good, baby girl. I want to give you good. And better. Come for me, sweetie. Please?

Prompt here.

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