Food for Thought Friday – Dealbreakers

What would constitute a deal-breaker in terms of finding someone attractive? List the top three things that would be a serious turn off for you; it can be physical, a personality quirk, a habit… whatever does NOT float your boat!

Having answered Kat and Wookie’s question on what is sexy it seems only fair to answer the flip-side. I consider myself someone who is pretty easy to get along with most of the time. However, there are a few traits that put me off without fail. And I’m not sure this applies solely to the opposite sex, either. But for the sake of the exercise, I shall stick to what does it for me in a mate.

1) Arrogance. This is the number one thing that will put me off faster than anything. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. The man who is confident in himself without approaching the world as though he knows everything and it’s his way or the highway is a keeper. But as soon as that glimmer of arrogance or cockiness comes through I’m checking out on an emotional level.
2) Volume. Not as a physical measurement, but in decibels. I like things low-key and quiet in day to day life as a general rule. In my experience, those who are boisterous and loud are too often covering insecurity, often uncomfortable with themselves and use it as a smokescreen. I like a man who is soft-spoken but firm, and takes time and care with his words. If I’m being yelled at, or pushed into a lot of unnecessary conversation, I immediately withdraw.
3) There is one physical trait that will put me off pretty quickly. Long dirty nails. Ick.


In addition to those top three, other things will put me off, too. Taking oneself too seriously, cruelty, poor personal hygiene… but those are pretty universal and no-brainers, I think. Or maybe I really am just that particular!

Let us know what puts you off in a potential partner by heading over to Food for Thought Friday.

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