His voice came across the phone line like honey. Thick and warm, seductive.

“Where are you right now?” he wanted to know.

“On my bed.”

“What are you wearing?” It should have sounded cheesy, but it didn’t. A simple question requiring a simple answer.


“Good girl. Which toy are you going to use?”

“How much time do we have?” My heart was already racing, and the first flush of arousal pushing every sensation to the surface where they screamed and cried.

“Half an hour or so.”

“The wand, I think.”

“Good. Get comfortable. I’m going to tell you what I intend to do to you when I get my hands on you. How I will make you mine.”

“Yes.” I switched the wand on pulse and began to tease. Barely touching it to the edges of my labia, tucking the phone against my ear so as not to miss anything he said.

“First I’d get the butt plug. Cover it with lube. Have you lie back and relax while my index finger traces around the outside of your pussy. I want to watch you get wet, sweetie. Stroking your labia, beside your clit, running around the edges of your opening, down to your asshole. Just teasing.”

A small moan escaped.

“Are you using the wand as though it were my finger?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re a good girl for me.”

That drew another whimper.

“I press the steel plug against your hole, gently. My eyes are watching your face, I’m looking at you, your naked body. Enjoying you. One hand caressing your breasts, my palm brushing over your nipples, arousing them, arousing you. I tell you to relax. I push it in a little way, and wait. Then a little more, and more. I’m pleased with you. You’re taking it, and the pleasure shows on your face. Touch the wand to your clit, baby.”

I do as he says and gasp. My body is shaking as though he were beside me, touching me. His voice flows over my skin.

“A final push, slowly, and the plug pops into place. How does that feel?”

“So good, full, nice.”

“I leave it. Kiss your lips, and finally slip a finger into your cunt. Kissing you deeply while my fingers massage you, finding your cervix, slipping back to your G-spot. I press, and move my mouth to your nipples, sucking and biting. I catch one between my teeth and pull till you whimper, then release. Then the other. I feel your pussy working around my fingers. You’re so wet.”

“So wet,” I groan. I am. The wand is slipping over my clit with delirious ease.

“I take my hand away.”


“Yes. And paint your lips with your juices. All so I can eat them off, kissing you again.”


“I move to your head, help you up with a hand in your hair. And I touch my cock to your lips. Do you want it?”

“Oh fuck yes. Yes, Sir, I do.”

“I push it over your lips, onto your wet tongue. Feel the spongy head. Taste the salty precum I’ve made for you.”

My body trembled. The climax was bearing down, but I knew better. I pushed it back. “I want to taste you.”

“I know you do, baby. I want you to.”

I switched the speed on the wand to low. Began to ease my way back up as his voice washed over me again.

“I lie down beside you, you take my cock into your mouth and I push in deep, until I feel the back of your throat. I kiss over your mound, around your labia, run my tongue along your slit and taste you… fuck, sweetie, I want to taste you like that. And with my hand I tug on the plug. Gently, stretching you just a bit, fucking you with it while I take your clit between my teeth, while I suck you and lick you.”

I was trembling and gasping, feeling every word he spoke, exactly where he spoke it. I knew he heard me, clearly. “Yes. Fuck, yes.”

“My hand in your hair again, pushing my cock deeper, silencing your screams while I fuck you with the plug, and my tongue tormenting your swollen clit, your juices flowing, making everything slick. You’re ready for me, aren’t you, baby girl?”

“I am, yes, please! Fuck me…”

“I flip you over on your knees and elbows, and run the head of my cock, wet from your mouth, up and down against your clit, teasing you with it.”

“You want to hear me beg.”

“Yes. I want to hear you beg.”

“Please, Sir. Fuck me. Give me your cock, I need it. I need you.” I was panting, barely able to find the words through the fog. “Please,” I gasped.

“I slide it into your hot cunt. Feel me stretching you, baby. Feel Daddy fucking his good girl. Deeper, and out, and deeper still, filling you up. Fucking you harder, faster. Reaching around to pull on your breasts, to pinch and pull your nipples. Are you close?”

But he knew I was, my pants coming faster and mingling with rising moans.

“Let go, sweetie. Come for Daddy. Let go and come hard while I stretch you and fuck you, while I come, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into you. You are mine, baby girl. Let it go, let me hear you, sweet girl…”

His words severed the last of my control. Each one, each endearment pushed me a little higher and when I did as he said, when I surrendered to him it tore through me like a riptide. I cried out for him and rode it to the end, listening to him, softer now, whispering almost, telling me to come down gently, slowly, to feel his arms wrapped around me, his lips on my cheeks and eyes and forehead.

“If you were here,” I finally asked him. “Would you hold me like that?”

“Yes, baby. I’d like to never let you go. You’re mine.”

“I like that.”

“I know. I gotta run, sweetie, wife’s home. We’ll talk again soon.”

The line went dead, and I reached for the warmth. The memory of being his would have to hold me. For now.

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