F4TF – Limits

I hope I’m not too late here. While I always read these posts, I’ve not yet been social enough to contribute. But, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Limits interest me. I think they do so because they are so fluid for me. And they aren’t something I thought much about before I got hardcore into writing and publishing erotica. That has opened a whole new world to me, along with numerous in-depth conversations with the friends and peers I’ve made in the genre. What a great bunch. I love it because it’s a community where it’s okay to ask anything. State anything. For the most part people are open and accepting of… well… just about anything.

For me personally, my idea of what is and isn’t acceptable and what I will and won’t do has changed dramatically throughout my life. With one or two exceptions (which I won’t say here because, well, a girl’s gotta have one or two secrets she can pull out and wave around in a dire emergency) anything I labeled as a ‘hard‘ limit was so because of fear. It was unknown. As I’ve gotten older, and (maybe) a little wiser, I’m more in the camp of, barring physical injury, I will try anything twice. And then we’ll decide which category to stick it in. (I am loving my own word play today!)

There are things I’ve tried and hated. But then I tried from a different head space and loved them. I can see those things changing with my partner as well. If there were something he really wanted to try that I initially turned my nose up at, I would follow that rule; try it. You don’t know till you do. But I know my partner, too, and if I really just didn’t like or didn’t get off on it, it won’t be enjoyable for him, either.

Why, just today, on a solo flight, I tried something I never thought I would. And I LOVED it. And no, I’m still not telling. But it is never too late to experiment, test your own boundaries, stretch yourself a little… wink wink…

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7 thoughts on “F4TF – Limits

  1. Oh, I totally agree with this. I am not very into anything but I am also very open to anything. Except orgasms…I am very into orgasms…
    I enjoyed your word play too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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