Defining Success

It is a year, almost to the day, since Erotic Passages went live. I’m not really much for sentiment… good lord, nearly forgot my wedding anniversary this past year! Holidays and occasions slip up and pass by, and with every year it seems they get closer together. I just bah humbug them and move on, for the most part.

EP is no longer for sale, but it is available for your free reading pleasure on pressbooks. Find and follow the links I’ll add to the end of this post. One day, I’ll get the site organized and put them in the sidebar. One days become some days become yeah rights…

I think about all I put into its release. I would say creation, but all I put into that is still there for anyone to enjoy. I had a lot of fun with it, with interviews, a radio spot, twitter campaigns and making new friends. I can’t view it as anything but a success in that regard. Without it, I wouldn’t have met Kat, who has turned out to be one of the most important and pivotal people in my life. For that alone it is a raging success!

Looking back, I wonder if that was its main purpose. Before we met, I was floundering. I make acquaintances easily, but I don’t make friends easily. Although something I’ve learned of myself in the past year or so is that, if a person will meet me halfway, I will be 100% present for them. Kat doesn’t do anything halfway. She’s picked me up and dusted me off this year more times than I can count. She’s been there to listen to my sorrow, my rants and raves, watched me fall, helped me struggle. She’s got a wisdom that goes beyond her years, and a bravery I envy and admire. And she fucking kicks my ass at Scrabble! I figure she’s just trying to keep me humble.

I am redefining success. Success is not in how much I netted in annual sales. Success is being surrounded by people who love you. It is being open to new experiences. It’s allowing people in, whether or not it ends well, because sometimes the most painful experiences teach us the most about ourselves.

I am fortunate to have people who put themselves on the line for me. And just as fortunate that they allow me to return the favor.

I love you guys; and each of you know who you are.

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Erotic Passages

Echoes on the Stairs

6 thoughts on “Defining Success

  1. Hello, Felicity, what a lovely entry this is, full of passion and angst. I am moved by your realization of your successes, because they so echo my own. In fact, I have just published my own book on success entitled “It Ain’t The Money! The Success Mindset of Great Leaders,” where I speak of precisely the sentiments you voice herein. Bravo, Felicity. I wish you the best!

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  2. I have been wanting to respond to this for a long time, but have not been able to get my act together. I absolutely empahise with you!

    I tried to self publish a book soon before you did. I never had a chance. I watched in awe at your social marketing, your outreach and your engagement. I was jealous of your writing skill, your professionalism and your energy. I wish it had ended differently for you, because you did it all right.

    Some time after that I let my blog die down. I enjoyed the creativity, just as you do, yet I was tired of creating for other where there was no feedback.

    I have considered locking my blog, pulling it down, shutting it off out of spite. Spite for who ? So it sits there, neglected, attracting a steady but rapidly diminishing, stream of readers who do not interact or show how they feel.

    Yet last week, out of the blue, I go a one liner. In fact a two worder. ‘Nice story” comment. On investigation, my hits had spiked. Some well known blog had referenced my last story, posted months ago, and a new stream of visitors had arrived. It got my juices flowing enough, but not enough to make me resolve to start writing again.

    You have such talent, I am so pleased you found what it takes to carry on with your writing. If ever you find the secret to how to sell, that would make a worthwhile read on its own.

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    1. Thanks for the wonderful words, Gail. I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of it, as well. It really is about pleasing yourself, I think, whatever you choose to do. People are fickle, and I don’t mean that to be derogatory… just that our interests flit from this to that, and here to there… if you are satisfying a need you have, you will always be successful. Or that’s the way I see it ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, that little show of support is so important. Knowing that maybe you’ve touched one person.

      If I uncover any secrets, you’ll be the first to know! ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care, stay true to you, and follow your heart. hugs.


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