Scouting for Interest from kittykat

For some reason, the traditional reblog snaffued on me, and so I’m resorting to the old-fashioned method of sharing. This is such a great idea to bring the blogging community together.

From Illicit Thoughts:

Scouting For Interest…
by kittykatsbitsandbobsFebruary 9, 2016

So… I have had an idea. (Yes, it happens every now and then!)

I thought perhaps it might be cool to have a feature here where I interview fellow bloggers I like.

I like the idea for a couple of reasons:

I think you all know how much I love to share great writing when I find it and I am very much in favour of us all helping each other out in terms of helping to promote each other’s work. This could be a neat way to help introduce new readers to other writers, yeah?

…Please click the above link to read the rest of Kat’s post, and throw your hat in the ring. Are you man/woman enough? 😉

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