The Silk Tease

Hands tied with the scarf and held over my head; he has warned me it is my responsibility to keep them there, no matter what he does. If I fail our session is over and I won’t be permitted to come. The other scarf he has draped lightly over my breasts and stomach.  


He teases me with it, dragging it back and forth over my nipples and tickling my stomach; my nipples are aching. My pussy is aching. I involuntarily tighten my thighs around his body. He’s kneeling between them, and I can feel his heat but there is no contact.


The more he teases the tighter I grasp him. My legs are strong from years on horseback.


His mouth is on my nipples through the layer of silk. The teasing sensation is heightened. I utter a fuck, and my arms start to come down… he stops and glares at me from beneath his brows. I put them back, moaning.


The more he teases, the wetter I get. I want him to feel it. I suddenly scoot my body down until my cunt is pressed firmly and wetly against his belly, imagining how my juices must feel on his skin, how they are matting the fur on his body. I begin a grind to match his  ministrations on my breasts.


The silk is wet and cold from his mouth. I want to put my hands on his neck, feel the smooth skin of his cheeks, but I resist.


His hands replace the silk, and he runs them down my body onto my thighs. He eases them open telling me to relax. He’s kissing my stomach, moving lower. Teasing my soft mound with his tongue, his teeth. Biting, sucking, licking along those lips and inside my thighs… my hips are moving of their own accord, seeking that one contact I need.


His hands slide beneath my bottom. He sits back and looks at me. I tell him my arms are aching. “How long till I make you cum?” he wants to know. “How close are you?”


I know I could climax if he blew over my clit, but I want more. So I tell him, “Not long. Not long at all.”


His fat tongue starts at the bottom and he licks slowly, languidly up my slit. I know he’s not disappointed nor surprised at the flood he finds there… he licks upward, his tongue dipping into my cunt ever so slightly, and my thighs start to tremble; upward till he’s parting lips and folds, going deep, unhooding me… I gasp as it begins when he stops and lingers there. I know he’s feeling the throb of that little nub. He moves only slightly, the pressure being far more exquisite than any play,before beginning a soft suck… his fingers trace, then enter my pussy, and the pressure builds as he starts to fuck with his hand…


After the first orgasm he allows me to lower my arms. They are heavy and sore but I barely notice because he’s tongue and finger fucking me to another… and another. I finally reward him, soaking his chin and chest. He sits back and presses his open palm over me, allowing me to ride it to the end as I foggily wonder what could possibly be next…


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