I lose myself
In the sound of my name
Wrapped round your tongue
As you ask
For me, only me
Beautiful feeling, to be craved
Held and tasted
Wasted in an
Embrace unyielding
Gentle and shielding
The horrors of this life
We bear beneath
Bared, unsheathed
A knife cut
Sweet and merciful
Lost within
The whispers and gasps
Firsts, lasts, trembling
Reminded of why
You begin and end
With me.

12 thoughts on “Entwine

  1. Miss Felicity… As always beautiful and enrapturing. But, I have a giant question for your busy self. I’m finishing up a novella and am needing art work for the cover. Would you be interested? I’d send you the book to read so you could have open range of what you think fits. Kat sent me over saying you’re an excellent artist 🙂

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    1. Oh, wow, I’m honored! If you’re not on a deadline (or too tight of one) I’d be happy to look into it… I’m good with the artwork, but I don’t own the fonts to make it cool… lol Perhaps I could come up with something though you could plug into the cover creator at Amazon and polish up with their fonts… that’s what I’ve done for Echoes. Send me a mail at felicityjohns@outlook.com with the manuscript and what you’re looking for cover wise. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much! I’m really just looking for artwork. I can do the font work on Amazon. The manuscript isn’t quite ready yet, but I can send you what I have and tell you how it’s going to end. The last four chapters aren’t finished, but I know where they are going. Would you like what is finished or would you like the whole book? I think that if I put my mind to it, I could have it finished by Friday. Let me know what you would like. And THANKS again!

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