I’d apologize for my absence, but sometimes life happens. It’s been a busy spring around here. On top of which, I simply seem to have not much to say! I’ve been taking my emotions in a more visual direction the last couple of weeks. And have been sporadically without a computer while attempting to get a new machine set up.

I have bits of stories floating around in my head, but they seem to have no beginning, end, or physical form. Just words and phrases, and ghosts of ideas that slip in and out, usually when I’m on the cusp of sleep. They’re so diaphanous, it’s as though I take a deep breath and they’re gone. They almost take the form of mists.

Echoes on the Stairs, the new volume of poetry I’ve assembled, missed the June 1st pub. date I’d set. It’s still awaiting finishing touches. I will be working on getting it out by July, hopefully. And I will also return here, and see if I can catch a few of those mists for you guys.


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