Moving On

Whispered in voices
Not heard before
Dropping the notes
Of ghostly discord
Turn off your mind
And follow the thought
The one takes you back
To all that you’ve lost
Lost in his arms
In the clutch of his eyes
In the safety he offered
Though thinly disguised
Found in the fall
From grace to the damned
And left on this highway
That ain’t heaven-bound
Bound beneath lust
Held fast by the ties
Of pleasures unknown
Unimagined, untried
And wondering what part
Of love do we keep
Can it whither, yet stay
In our hearts when we leave?
Perhaps it’s about
Healing and time
And maybe your promises
Weren’t all of them lies
And maybe I’ll waken
Here one day soon
And thank God for that day
When I found and met you.

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