Standing Still

One day lost
inside the light
which was hope
joy, peace
bland and nothing
masked over the raging
roaring tumult of truth

by wanton eyes
mine or his
two heart beats
or just the one
watching the life
he’d lived without me
flicker by
like a film strip

And I asked him
Is this happiness?
Bodies wrapped in lust
mouths locked
sexes wet
the eagerness
of a touch yet had
And he said, No, Babe-
This is Love

The road is never
there is never joy
without sadness yawning
in its forests
there is never rest
till after the battle
has been fought

But there are these
within the war
when I taste desire
and understand Eternity
when we drift
in an embrace
we know is unbreakable
and Time
for a second
Stands still.

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