I am a Writer

I’ve come to a pretty serious conclusion. It’s been a while in coming, but I had to be certain I wasn’t reacting emotionally to some shit that’s been going on. Turns out I’m not, or if I am, it’s the way it’s going to go and I need to deal with it, or be eaten alive by it.

I’m done with book promotion. Yes, my book (and those future volumes I have in mind to publish) will still be available for sale. But after the past six months of pushing, I got no push left. Yes, I wanted to enjoy some moderate success. I wanted to get my name out there, my words in front of as many people as possible. Yes, I wanted to make a little money. Why? Because, I love to write. I wanted to help my family by solving some of the stresses caused by never having quite enough. I was never looking to be rich and famous.

So I promoted. Here. On Twitter. In ‘Real Life.’ And I’ve netted about $20. I’m not being sarcastic, I am saying I am fucking proud of that. I’m a published author. This is success, the way I define it.

However, the book promotion, the seeking out reviewers, the being fucked over by Amazon, all this stuff, has not only discouraged and exhausted me, it’s taken away any time I had to actually create. Which is why I blog. I blog so I can share those little things I create, with an audience who cares.

On reviewing: I would love to have reviews written by anyone who feels so moved. And if you will send it to me directly, I will continue to grow the Review section of TDNC. I may even come up with a form to make it easy for those who feel compelled to share their opinions. And they don’t have to be positive (though I won’t post anything mean or nasty – my space, my rules 😉 ) Simply honest. The invitation is there, for any who are interested.

I’m a writer. Not a big publishing house. I will continue to do what I’m passionate about, and continue to share it with whoever will listen. And if I sell a book now and then? I’ll go buy myself a coffee and celebrate.

Friday Flash returns tomorrow! I hope to see you there.


24 thoughts on “I am a Writer

  1. The thought of self-promotion gives me hives, lol. I’m glad you are happy about your decision. I’m excited about Friday Flash! 🙂

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  2. Felicity Johns,
    You are a published author. I have not had a chance to read your book yet, bc I have teenagers who messed up my charger and when I went to my daughter’s planning to read it..as my grandson would say..the charger butnmon would not wake up..I hope you smiled…(not that I have a grandson tho, I am not that old..) ok smile again…

    Your writing is amazing and to me better than many best selling authors. You sound a little weary. I had to read this twice, and am so very glad you are continuing to blog. You would be missed.

    And to write. And to publish. The rest will come. No jokes here please.

    You are an amazing, strong woman. And yes, most definitely a writer. -alex

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    1. This made me smile all the way through, Alex. Thank you so much! And when life’s distractions (and believe, I get it! 😉 ) allow the space, I truly hope you enjoy the read 🙂

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  3. I’m with you on the reasons for writing! I too am hoping to get some sort of a publishing deal goins so I can make a few extra bob… to travel and to pay toward a holiday we are planning for next July!

    I would love to earn a living writing but am a realist and have to keep working to provide for a family so yes, from me to you… don’t stop writing! It’s life fulfilling and it adds so much dimension to our characters!

    Keep at it!! The rewards will come some day!! 😉

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  4. ok. read this book! “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting.” Pleeease 😉 And practice what it teaches. there are 4 lessons. big lessons. but doable! I am in the process of completing this life changing read. i don’t normally promote books – especially self-help books, but something in this one is resonating on a crazy level of comprehension and truth. in this post you have touched on exactly what lynn grabhorn is referring too. why you’re not attracting good shit that makes you happy. first you have to retrain your thinking patterns. we ALL dwell in the negative – the victim place. unintentionally. or intentionally. it’s been ingrained in us from for EVER. can’t do this. don’t do that. get a real job. writing will never give you financial security.blah blah blah! you deserve all you desire felicity. and i believe you can have it! not because you are a fucking phenominal writer (can i say that in a review? lol) but because we ALL deserve it. what have you got to loose? there’s even a playbook for you to write all your gems of wisdom in and practice practice practice. it makes sense. good energy attracts good energy. it just is! be happy baby. you ARE a writer. and you ROCK. tweaking ourselves here and there is just a way of helping to create the magic. hugz and oodles of cyberluv coming your way! xo

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    1. Aw, thanks so much Trish! I will definitely check it out 🙂 I’m so happy it’s shedding so much light for you! I am the first to admit that I indeed absorb a lot of negative energy, seems moreso the older I get. This is one step, for me, in taking back my time and the things that fulfill me and make me happy and fun to be around. The stress of this venture having become a ‘job’ has weighed on me much more heavily than I even knew…

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      1. It’s not easy. But don’t give up what you love Felicity or trying to get your voice out there in a bigger way. It’s such a lovely, sexy vibrant voice accompanied with mad story telling skills. You’ve got this girl. Don’t you dare let Amazon or any other publishing venue steal your thunder! Perhaps a search for a “real” publisher known for publishing erotica would be more ideal? Rejection letters are no fun BUT they mean someone is listening 😉 And that can ONLY be go thing lol. Keep asking the Universe for what you DO want without the caviet of what you dont want. Tricky but clearly worth the energy it takes to focus ONLY on your happy! Hugz baby. Fight the good fight with love and light!

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  5. The fact that you are a writer speaks volumes. There are so many books out there that don’t have the talent or the tone, but manage to succeed. No sour grapes, that’s the way it works. As long as you know you’re a writer, that’s what counts. And there are many who will back you up on that, me included. 🙂

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  6. It is a good process you are in
    and good understandings

    and I love and relate to the way you present it all

    Let your work be our there, here, and everywhere
    but don’t invest in it all too much because what we invest in the physics i.e. time and money
    we invest in the spirit too.

    and who knows, maybe it will come knocking on your head one day, success that is.
    this other form of it.
    and if not then it is not and it means not much of you or your work but more about the way this world spins.


  7. i know many of these points re book pushing. I agree with you that to be a writer you write. for me the little likes and comments that i get via the blog are encouraging and i like the immediacy and intimacy of them. I have done a few readings and gotten lovely response and sold enough books at them to surprise my self. but it is the day to day blog interactions that i like best. wishing you all the best with your writing and glad to hear you have decided to be a writer not a pusher. on the blog i don’t chase, i don’t have to deal with editors, or rules and regs. I get to create and post – for me thats cool.

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    1. Ii love this comment! And yeah, you know what? I think for me that’s cool too. Once again, I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and discovered the line between creativity and capitalism 😉 lol Thank you!


  8. I know how you feel about writing and being published; it does seem a very hit and miss affair; some make it and some don’t, not always with logic. But don’t despair; your writing is fine and clear and very readable. So keep up the blog and just enjoy yourself with your thoughts and stories. Thanks for liking and following “The Raven”. Sorry it’s at the end of its life, but you can check out the Archives and next week there will be a free copy of the complete story on Kindle.

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