You left behind
This beautiful beating thing
This heart
Rich and winged
Unsullied by brokenness
By meanness, hatred, vitriol
You looked away
For a moment, and it was gone
No longer yours
To watch or share
No longer something
For you to cherish, guard
You left behind
Kindness and generosity
The kind of love
Poets sing
And singers paint
And painters write
And writers bury inside
Whiskey and words-the jewelled
Tinges of fucking and romance
You had it in your hands
For a second
But you had better things to do
To see, to experience
Better than this, me
My gift to you-
But when you put it aside
You taught me something
About the soundness
Of love, the strength
Of a pure soul
I meant you no harm
I loved you with every part
And I am stronger
Ever more capable and deserving
Of better.

14 thoughts on “Castaway

  1. wow. if only i could reblog this endlessly in 700 pt Impact font. you write from soul. or for it. or something just as magical. this is perfect. not just cuz it resonates with every fucking fibre of my being. nope. just cuz it’s perfect. ya know? hugz 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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