A Rant on Technology

I was supposed to be back today. While I was away, I switched gears and focused on the promotional/marketing side of FJ. I scrounged up a few more reviews, revamped TDNC, worked on my upcoming volume of poetry “Echoes on the Stairs” (available for pre-order later this month) and upgraded to a new webhost, just to see if it would further my efforts at all. (It was a promotional offer through a marketing club, and promised blogging with a wordpress upgrade.)

The website issue has been a nightmare. First, the team couldn’t get everything transferred. They promised minimal downtime. I finally got in, though, and found many of the WP features I rely on missing; like comments and likes. That was ludicrous to me. The whole point of blogging is connection, and they took that away! And CHARGED me to do so! In addition, the entire thing was far too complicated for a non-programmer like myself. It would have taken me months to learn my way around, and taken time away from the whole reason I’m here to begin with.

So I cancelled the hosting, and thought I had everything good to redirect to my original domain. It’s been half a day, and I still can’t access my site. I’m posting this on faith that someone might see it, but I know many are likely getting a BlueHost error page. I’m in contact with WP, and they say to wait it out. What choice do I have?

In addition, I’ve been posting reviews for books on Amazon, only to have them removed. They are all high star ratings, and contain no profanity. Yet Amazon whips them down almost as soon as they go up. I know of at least one person who has written me a review on Erotic Passages only to have the same thing happen. I’m wondering how many may have written those coveted reviews, only to have them removed?! I am also in contact with Amazon over the issue.

I’ve attempted to update my Gravatar image, as well, and now even my old profile image is gone. Wow. I am batting a thousand this morning!

So, if by chance you see this post, I’m still here. Waiting (not-so-patiently) for these issues to resolve. Hopefully we’ll be back to full-power soon.



32 thoughts on “A Rant on Technology

    1. LOL Thanks for the giggle, Gary 😉

      You know, I try really hard not to sweat the small stuff, but to be a ‘vacation’ this past week has been frought with tension! But I know you’re right, so… Ooohhhhmmmmm…..

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    1. Right? They push on us that the only way to sell books is with lots and lots of reviews. But they make it so @#!$ hard. And also impossible to help our fellow indie authors, who are trying just as hard! I’m thinking there is no way up for the little guy/gal. Discouraging.

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      1. LOL I’ve been on the forums this morning, letting my displeasure be known. Nobody wants a displeasured erotica writer in the room 😉 Will it make a difference? Probably not. But it may keep me from blowing an aneurism….

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  1. That sucks! The hosting thing is always iffy, most providers charge a sort of “maintenence” for websites. I have no idea how likes and comments could not be transffered, its a click of a button, especially if you are using a wordpress theme :/
    I am sorry about the reviews, I hope Amazon gets it sorted. Its sad that they remove reviews from readers which have no profanity or nothing, but they dont remove some blatant toxic reviews with lots of swearing or it takes them months to do so.

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    1. Thank you! It’s been a headache for sure 🙂 And so true on the reviews. Seems it’s always the one trying to be honest who gets screwed (i.e. me. Will I never learn?!) 🙂 Thank you for visiting and commenting!


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