Tossed here, left, no refuge
From the loneliness of time
Passing by like surly strangers
Night after empty night
But sighs left here to litter
Remnants of an abattoir
The whitened bones of lust denied
Scattered across the floor
Raven’s laugh or demon cry
They sound the same to me
Goodbye echoes off these walls
Reminders of what can’t be-
I held you in my hand once
Upon a long time gone
I held you on my tongue once
Before it all went wrong
What you said and where you went
Have vanished from me
And make no difference to this end
The one where you set me free
To wander out here, alone
To drift through mists and dreams
To wonder how to go on
While stifling these panicked screams
But the night will get me
Here in our bed
Beneath a stranger’s hands
I will find my end.

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