“Need a lift?”

He was young, beautiful, dark and wet. He was barely a mile out of town, and the worst of the storm was over.

He ducked his head and smiled as he dove for the passenger side door. The wipers thumped, and gathering dusk heightened the lights of passing cars, the street lamps, the porch lights. He looked at me and smiled a stunningly bright smile. Stunningly beautiful, youthful.

“I’m just headed in,” he said, a bit breathless. “Cheers, mate.” He had an Australian accent.

I turned up the heat. His nipples showed through the transparent fabric of his t-shirt. “You’re welcome. Looked like you could use a break.”

I pulled back onto the roadway.

“I’m Joseph,” he said. He tentatively offered his hand, and I reached awkwardly to take it, with a laugh.


“No shit,” he said. He was laughing too, and it was beautiful. Also youthful.

“You living here?”

“Visiting, from near Melbourne. I have an Uncle in the city.”

“The city? We’re a ways from there.”

“I had to get out.” He said it sheepishly. “Not nice, I know. Lotta rules.”

“Well there’s not much to do here.”

He was running his hands through his hair. It fell over his ears, almost to his shoulders, and it curled. “I’m from a small town. More elbow room.”

“Where would you like me to drop you?”

“Anywhere’s fine.”

I didn’t want to drop him. I wanted to eat him. Alive. “Buy you a drink?”

His surprise was evident. Boys were too ignorant to be frightened. He saw himself as strong, virile, irresistible and able to handle himself in a fight. He was invincible, immortal. He was fucking Superman. “Yeah, cool.”

I hit the brake and fishtailed, pulled a U-turn in the road and gassed it. I looked at him, noted his exhilarated surprise and smiled. “I know a place.”

As I pulled into my drive, I looked at him. “How old are you, Joseph?”

He grinned, and I knew he knew. He thought this was the luckiest day of his life. A hot older woman picks him up off the side of the road and begs him to use her. I saw it all over his chiseled face. The shadows of the rivulets on the windows raced over his skin like worms. “Old enough to have a drink.”

“I’m supposed to take your word for that?”

“Old enough to know how to fuck you.” He was still grinning.

“I doubt that.” I got out of the car and ran up the front steps. I put the key in the lock and felt him behind me. Not just behind me, but against me. I straightened and looked at him. “Enough of that. This isn’t your game.” I said it with a smile, and I traced a forefinger beneath his chin as I did. The sound of my own voice was thick and rich, like dark clover honey.

Once inside, I kicked off my shoes. “Undress. And let me see your wallet.”

He hesitated. But then he saw my look. Was it as naked and lustful as I felt? It must have been. He obeyed.

His visitor’s visa said he was 24. He didn’t look a day over 18. “You must get carded a lot.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. It was nervous. He stood before me in his wet boxers and white socks.


“Everything? That doesn’t seem fair,” he joked weakly.

I issued another look that caused him to clamp his jaw and bend to remove his socks. He was hard already.

I left him, went down the hallway. I took off my own wet clothes, and slid into a creamy silk dressing gown. It had leopard print on the cuffs and yoke, and almost reached the floor. I stayed barefoot. I’d still be taller than him. I took down the black leather dog collar with the silver D ring, the leather strap leash, and dabbed red lipstick on my mouth.

He stood completely naked. He was shivering, in spite of the warmth of the room. I walked up to him, my items hidden behind my back, and I tilted his face up and kissed his lips. He opened his mouth like a fish, and I pushed him away with a look of chastisement. “What do you know about women, Joseph? You’re just a pup.”

“I know enough to get you off. Make you scream.”

“You’d like to try. Kneel.”

“What? No-”

“Yes. You want this to happen?”

He thought only a second. So predictable. He was on his knees.

“Have you ever been collared?” As I said it I deliberately allowed my dressing gown to fall open and reveal the tops of my thighs, my hips, stomach. He looked, breathed.

He shook his head. He had no idea what I meant, but he didn’t want to screw up his chances.

“Would you like to be?”

He nodded, eagerly.

I pulled his head into the delta. These pups knew nothing about oral. But it didn’t matter. It wasn’t what would get me off. As he fell face first into me, already moaning and whimpering, I slipped the collar around his neck, buckled it snug against his skin. I allowed him a moment more, then stepped back. “Do I need this?” I showed him the leash. His chin and nose glistened, his erection strained, his pupils were blown.

He shook his head.

“Follow me.”

This one had been easy, this latest for my collection. No hunting, planning, stalking. Just there, young and ripe for the taking.

15 thoughts on “Hitchhiker

  1. Do you plan to continue this?
    I’m torn between feeling nervous for this boy and telling the woman that maybe she should gag him too because…you know…sometimes you just don’t want to hear those youngins…LOL. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been on the road for almost a decade, have been hitch-hiking what, 10, 15, 20 thousands KM, hundreds of cars?

    It’s not that women don’t stop for single wet guys, it’s not that it is not almost every male (and mostly women) out there to be picked up by the opposite sex and have something – it is just not happening. Young women stops though they are not in for the kill. In fact, apart of the real fun and joy in the possibility, from an hitch-hiker perspective I think it is better this way. I think if it would have been often then it would make the already hard work of hitch-hiking way harder (not in this sense 😉 )

    Once I was picked up by a woman, much like your story; I was trying to get out of a stupid town, it was raining and I was wet and about to go to sleep under the bridge when this angle stopped to pick me up. She took me home and gave me everything. Of course, this was almost the only time I was in a relationship during years of travelling – I didn’t take everything. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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