Friday Flash – Verge

I constantly find myself on the edge of things. Of moments. Decisions. Some of them are important, crucial, but most aren’t.  Paper or plastic? Cookie or apple? Book or television? Everyday decisions that move life by tiny steps in either good directions, or bad ones. How often do I make the good choices? More than I once did. But nobody’s perfect.

When we write, we get to step back as observers and move the chess pieces. Strategically choose the direction we want our characters to take, help them grow, and engage our readers. When we write, we create pivotal moments. We build the cliff to teeter on the edge of, we invent the dilemma that changes the course of events, we show the mental break that makes the story so much more enthralling.

The rules: Write a short story of 55 to 1000 words, containing all the components of a longer work of fiction, antagonist, protagonist, conflict and resolution, or a poem that is 20 lines or less. Leave the link in the comments below so that I am sure to see it, and link back to me on your page so others might stumble across us. The challenge is open through the weekend, and on Monday, I will choose my favorite and reblog it here, for that added bit of exposure. I should also add that I take the time to share each of your works on Twitter, as well.

Prompt: Verge –  Create that moment that leaves people wondering, what next?  A crossroads, a choice, a physical jump.

Challenge: What are you on the verge of? I know this is a flash fiction exercise – but what if it’s not fictional? How personal are you willing to get, and in what ways can that help the writing you’re doing?

In addition, in keeping with this week’s theme, erotic works will get bonus points – that is, I will stand over here and point. Yay! But, no work will be discounted, whatever theme you choose! Have fun with it, always.
Good luck, guys, I can’t wait to read what you come up with.



39 thoughts on “Friday Flash – Verge

  1. How’s this?

    03 Apr 2015 – Flash Fiction: River a Walk

    Her husband, utterly forgotten. My wife no longer mattered as our fingers touched. Her eyes, flashing with the lights the fountains sprayed our way.
    My eyes were on falling into hers – an undertow I had no thought or wish to fight against. Her ruby lips were parted, and she soft asked if I would come with her upstairs.


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  2. or maybe…

    03 Apr 2015 – Flash Fiction: Couch

    She sat on the couch before me, I knelt on the floor before her. Both our shirts were hanging open as our hands were frantically exploring what we’d brought each other. Hearts now drummed together and our breathing grew more ragged – but we froze as we heard steps and then the turning of the keylock.


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