Word for Wednesday

I came upon today’s word quite accidentally, as it popped up in a poem I penned earlier this week. I think it’s interesting how the mind creates images for words – the thought process. My strongest association with it is its use in the traditional wedding vows. Well, traditional to my culture. I’ll not speak for others, but in Christianity, the vows go something like, “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” Standing at the alter fighting not to pass out, when the Pentacostal minister said that, I had the wild image of a bloody massacre, with limbs torn and strewn everywhere… my wedding day was stressful. We’ll leave it at that.

Have you guessed my word yet? Another thing my mind does is take off on its own, and I realize my listeners may be scratching their heads, trying to keep up, if they haven’t departed for the concessions stand or the monologue of someone who actually makes sense.

My word is ‘asunder.’

The definition of it is to be ‘torn apart’ or ‘apart from each other in position.’ Somehow I think as used above it is the latter definition. As for the literal? Well, couples are quite capable of doing that to themselves/each other!

I think I like the word, though, because it sounds old. I have a soft spot for words that sound old being used in modern situations and contexts.

Please take a minute to check out Kat’s Word for Wednesday challenge, and feel free to join in share your own word.

Also, you can read ‘Asunder’ here, if you haven’t already.


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