Single – A Character Sketch

Sometimes that desire is there to simply impale oneself on a penis. As though it will take away the shittiness of the day, or erase all those times one didn’t impale oneself.  Those missed chances, they follow you around like a bad smell.

What about the man? Does there need to be a man attached? Yes, it’s helpful. Self-serve just isn’t the same, yet it seems to be all there is these days. That feels-like-real silicon cock is just a click away on Amazon – what’s more, they’ll even finance you.

There needs to be a man attached. But he needs to not have feelings. Or eyes. Hands are good, if he knows how to use them, and so many don’t. Like a woman is something to be tuned for clearer signal – hey, buddy, those are breasts, not dials. How about a blindfold? Because it’s the eyes, every time. He looks at you and, regardless of the color, regardless of how badly he’s using his hands, suddenly he’s a person. Emotional. Vulnerable. Fucking interesting.


Financing, huh?

30 thoughts on “Single – A Character Sketch

  1. THe first sentence of this post made me read the rest. Impale on a penis. Brilliant. Yes. there are those impalations. Makes you feel a bit less shitty, right?

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      1. It depends what geyser you get though, cause sometimes I feel worse than a Kebab with special sauce after. Even when their eyes look like saucers or what not.

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  2. “hey, buddy, those are breasts, not dials.”

    Hmmm…..don’t yours have those L,M,H markings on them? Mine constantly get twisted to the High setting . Maybe I should remove the markings and see if things improve. A simple on/off toggle might be better.

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