The Tell-Tale Tag

Such a gently erotic and clever piece. Sigh.

The Waves of Eroticism

We met, we sat, we chatted. We gazed in each other’s eyes and then the fingers began to move, at first slowly, gently plying, touching, just as people talk, sitting side by side. The hands began with buttons, clasps undone, belt buckles and zippers. The shoes had long been tossed, and barefoot our feet interlaced as our lips met and tongues explored. A quiet, gentle afternoon, exposing our hearts, discharging our griefs, laughing at the chaos. Quiet afternoon with nary a whisper or chagrin, just the sizzle of a touch, the flurry of a kiss, the intoxication of a union. Thus we lay in each other’s arms, spent, satisfied, transformed by our encounter.

In time, we had to part. Slowly we got up, exchanging sweet glances, and repaired to our own privacy. We collected our attire and redressed, promising reunion. He came to me, then, to hold me a last…

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