Random on Poetry

I can’t write poetry on a computer. All my poetry is written in a notebook, in my weird combination of cursive/print, with a black inkpen. It’s the only way it flows, and the key to unlocking whatever door it hides behind.

Most of it finds the screen exactly as it came out, though occasionally will undergo slight edits in the translation… I’ll realize my rhythm was off a little, or this word is better than that one.

Poetry is my thoughts as I have them.

12 thoughts on “Random on Poetry

  1. That’s awesome. I’m too chicken to write in pen even if I did use paper. Poetry doesn’t flow from me easily. But I also write in a weird cursive/print combo. 🙂

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  2. weird, – i used to write by hand all the time – computer is so much faster for me, Editng and everything, heh, but have bad hand writng so – i hardly ever write by had anymore – my poetry flows when im on the keybored 🙂

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    1. The only time I write by hand is poetry. lol It’s a wonder I remember how sometimes… like, writing checks. Who does that anymore? 😉

      I think it’s because it’s how I started, 25 years ago. It’s like slipping back into a comfortable place… or uncomfortable, but familiar… something. 😉

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  3. Hey Felicity…just Alex..I wanted to say hi..I know it’s been so long.

    I am so very excited for your blog and your book. I really loved the picture of the poem in your notebook and it brought me to this. So very interesting. We cannot write without typing. For sure not me. Although, I do tend to just let my feelings flow and just publish.
    Our old journals of course have totally different handwriting. haha! Well, no surprise, huh? Thanks for sharing that. I would love to write in a journal again. I think it would be good. Just seems that something still restricts.
    Funny story about the checks. We still sometimes write them. And sign different last names sometimes. I mean we only have had three..not too many..haha!
    sorry for the long comment. Glad to catch up.
    Be well and peace -Alex

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    1. Hi Alex! Yes, too, long, my apologies – WP decided to make the unanimous decision to unfollow you, so I lost track. Very sorry!

      I find writing long hand liberating, but when writing something other than poetry I do find it restricting. Typing is so much faster!

      I’m bad about putting the wrong yeah on a check… I’m always 1, 2, sometimes even 3 behind 😉 Stuck in the past much? 😉

      Thank you for the lovely comment, and the catch up!

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