The Switch – Teaser

She laid back on the bed spread, looked at the ceiling, and absently rubbed over her mound. It felt good to softly scratch, and her mind wandered over things other than him and what she missed. It moved over mundane things, like the dishes waiting to be washed, how many loads of laundry needed to go through today, that she needed to add Scotch tape to the grocery list…

Her fingers slipped between her lips. She wasn’t wet, not yet, and the friction against her small, sleeping clitoris was exotic. She smiled, eyes closing, her other hand sliding beneath her shirt to brush a nipple. She arched her head back, and her mind drifted into her favorite fantasy, the one where the young boys of twenty pulled out their cocks and showed her how hard she made them, while they put their hands on her skin and smiled perfect smiles.

The Switch, available now in Erotic Passages.

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