Masturbation Monday

This is a last minute word wank, because I was catching up on my reader and realized I was missing a really good opportunity πŸ˜‰ And masturbating is better than chocolate. Yes, it is.

He slammed the door behind him. “Honey? You home?” He called. He called it into the kitchen, then down the hall, then up the stairs while gripping his cock through the denim of his jeans. He was so hard. And it was her fault.

Fuck it, there was no waiting for her. She’d sent him the picture on the train. She hadn’t said where she was, only that “You make me wet, baby,” and the picture… a dark picture but it was undoubtedly the wet crotch of her heather gray panties peeking from beneath her black leather mini.

He’d gotten hard. And he tried to hide it behind his satchel, but several commuters had shot him disapproving looks. All he could think about was her tight wet pussy…

He took the stairs as smoothly as his hard-on would let him, still clutching it and making groaning sounds… just the friction was almost unbearable.

He rounded the corner into the bedroom, already walking out of his jeans, and stopped cold. She sat on the bed, wearing nothing but those panties, and the crotch was soaked through. She eyed his cock and smiled a little, but when he started toward her, she held up a hand. He wasn’t sure why he obeyed. He was ready to rape her.

She laid back and moved the wet fabric aside, showing him everything. She bit her lip and smoothed her fingers up and down in her wet crease. He started again to speak, but her look stopped him. He reached for his waving member, and she smiled and nodded. Her fingers moved faster.

His fist moved faster. He was so close, and she was playing like she had all the time in the world.

“Wait for me,” she said. Then she pushed her breast up to her face and tongued over her own nipple. Without warning, his orgasm washed over him and he shot come halfway across the room.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry honey, keep going…”

“Jerry! Jerry, wake the fuck up! The baby’s coming, like right this fucking minute… would you please get your ass up and stop your moaning?! God!”

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