I have not done much serious writing this week. Too much distraction, excitement, with the book coming out. I thought I might feel let-down on its release, because it’s been in the works so long. I don’t. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment. I’m in a place where it doesn’t matter if it’s a best seller. What matters is I stuck with it and saw it to completion, even though it was scary and hard. I’m an artist, after all. And I have that slightly distracted, always-a-better-project-around-the-next-bend affliction of so many left brainers. We’re not flakes. We just too often over-reach ourselves.

I scribbled out some poetry yesterday. Poetry is like a warm-up. I’m told I should focus on poetry, but it’s not a discipline. It’s just shit that comes out when I’m too tied up to concentrate on larger things. When I’m depressed, or melancholy, or just suffering a case of mush-brain.

I can feel a story coming sometimes, though. Like the anticipation of foreplay. You know he’ll be home from work soon. And you want to try something new, something that will make his eyebrows go up, and you’ll see that dark excitement in his eyes. It’s like that, just thinking of the moment and wondering which way it will go this time. Could be a flop, a total disaster, or it could be mind-blowing. It’s worth the leap.

That’s where I am this morning. I see words, snippets of phrases. I just have to figure out how they go together. I just have to begin.


10 thoughts on “Foreplay

  1. First of all… congratulations to you on the release of Erotic Passages. I feel like a midwife or Doula to this little baby. I’ve been on hand with hot towels and back rubs for Mom when the labour got hard and now I’m so happy to see it out there in the real, (well, virtual), world! And I am so proud of you! Look what you created!?

    And yes! I am all too familiar with the process… words, scenes, phrases floating around like lost souls in my head… brain mush is a perfect description.
    I too have ideas rattling around inside my little skull but they are stubbornly refusing to join together into anything meaningful today. And forcing it makes it worse, so I will just sit here, waiting…

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  2. hi there – I just wanted you to know that I have not disappeared – I am busy with the job thing – this weekend I have much reading to catch up on and your book is one of them – I have read the first section – and I adore it. xxx I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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  3. Yes, I waiting for just the right moment for a “punch” of a review, guy!! The Movie “50 Shades” will distract a bit from it my dear… Be patient as it will also ride this tremendous “elephant”.

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