Soul Mates – A Character Sketch

He thought often about soul mates. What it meant. What it was. Why he wanted it. He thought about it while he did his mindless job. While he washed the pot and plate and fork and glass from his dinner. While he watched Hoarders and Hannibal on television. And when he laid his head on his pillow each night and looked into the empty darkness beside him.

There had been a few he had hoped were soul mates. Some relationships that had lasted years, and he had fooled himself into thinking maybe they were. But there always came the moment. That moment, in a quiet place of closeness, or in the heat of passion when he’d shared something about himself, and they had rejected him.

It was better to be alone than to share a life with someone who could not take all of him. Because he loved completely, and he needed a complete kind of love.

While he lived his life alone, he felt her out there. His soul mate. The other heartbeat in the dark. And he found her in the most unlikely place.

4 thoughts on “Soul Mates – A Character Sketch

  1. My experience with soul-mattes, there are those whom destiny holds for you, which the love felt, can truthfully be one sided…

    I’ve been told that you have more than one soul-mate, however never have come across another, throughout my life…

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  2. I’m of the belief that soul mates don’t have to be lovers. They can be friends that are life-long, or an obsession that has taken on a life of its own. (My characters and I are in complete agreement. Hahaha!!!) I knew that I have three soul mates, two of which are female friends who have stuck by me, thick and thin, no matter the distance. The other is my husband, our story is not one of hearts, flowers, and happy endings. We are one.

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