You Are

It pauses on a breath
Floating on ether inside your kiss
A promise from you, we are more than this
Moment of passion-
But passion is all there is
I sink or swim, fly or fall
On every word spoken, whispered
On each call, each denial – while you waver
I stand tall, certain, I am strong
Because I know we’re not all
There is-
If I could hold your heart
Inside my heart for the length of one beat
You’d see what it is to love
With your last breath, your final wish
To hold what you cannot own
With arms that you don’t control
And you might then begin to see
Just what it is you are to me.

The response to yesterday’s post “All That Stuff” has been over-whelming. Not only have I received amazing advice and encouragement, but you each serve as a reminder of the why behind everything. I will keep writing. Even if what I write isn’t up to my impossible standards, I’ll keep moving forward until I get back to that place where I’m pleased with what I hear myself saying. In the meantime, maybe these ramblings I have to offer will speak to someone. Because we all hear things differently.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Felicity

11 thoughts on “You Are

      1. I do not get it either – not a user friendly msg system at all. You just keep marching through the stuff – the shitty stuff and all the other stuffs – you have a whole bunch marching right along right with you. :)👣💩👣💩😉

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