Empowered I rise to face you
The fallen have claimed their own,
Another sleepless night to
Conquer being alone-
A thundering heartbeat rages
Against the injustice of Love
Forbidden by Eden’s cages,
Held captive in Eden’s glove-
The goddess Diana shudders
The Earth trembles with her tears-
The place that Hate now plunders
Voices cries that no one hears;
The eyes of Love once saw
And the ears of Love once heard
The lack of any flaw
Or guile in any word-
Now the cages free their charge
And empowered I rise to face you-
Love will find you wherever you are,
And your payment will be what is true.

8 thoughts on “Empowered

  1. I hope this isn’t a copy of something I’ve already left but here’s the poem I promised re horses:
    When I go out of here
    I want it to be on a clear July day
    with the clouds doing their fly thing
    and the sky a bucket of nowhere
    splashed on an empty sea
    and me, I want to be on a horse
    that tang smell of sweat and animal
    that feel of muscle smooth and warm
    in the sun that stands in one place
    and the shadows never move.

    I want to start at a walk
    that just so, just so with the horse
    nickering, pulling at the reins
    so my arms switch forward
    and my legs tighten
    against the belly of the beast
    and the day eases by us
    with Queen Anneโ€™s Lace
    and purple clover, coneflower
    and grandfather Prairie Sage.

    And the trees for my canopy
    on the hoof hardened trail
    and this horse takes the wind
    up its widening nostrils
    flickers its tail
    and into a canter
    on the dapple down lane we set
    the horse and I and a day
    I never forget.

    When I go, at the final second
    I want to be flying
    across that meadow to my left
    alongside the river, with the horse
    taking my heft like no weight at all,
    tail up and head erect
    the horse runs straight to hell
    or wherever theyโ€™ll have me.
    He gallops all the way, then stops on a dime
    and I keep on flying,
    free of time.


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