The Editing Journey

I have a tentative release date for Erotic Passages. We are aiming for a predictable but appropriate Valentine’s release, or a few days prior, hopefully to give those significant others in our lives time to make a gift of it! Wishful thinking? Perhaps! It would certainly make an excellent gift for yours truly.

Right now, it is in the editing stages. I’m combing through it, making tweaks and adjustments. And my lovely publisher, Yael, is being so patient with my perfectionism! She’s wonderful to work with, I highly recommend her services over at Pro-Wordsmith. If you’re in the market, give her a try.

My perfectionism is justified, I think. This book is a reflection of me, as an author. It’s a weird little digital child I’m putting out into the world. And if people are willing to pay for it, it’s very important to me that it be worth the price. It’s also a reflection of the years I’ve put into this journey. I hope it’s the first of many. But I also want it stand apart as the first, and worthy of a discerning public.

Erotic Passages will be available for Kindle, through Amazon. I will offer a free copy to any takers, in exchange for a fair review.

Feel free to leave me any comments with promotional ideas, like contests, or giveaways. I am new to all this, and would like to get some buzz going for my little bundle of joy. 🙂

Love, Felicity

20 thoughts on “The Editing Journey

  1. That’s so fabulous that you’re closing in on release time!

    I’m still learning about the marketing aspect myself so can’t offer any first hand advice there, although there are a lot of great self-publishing podcasts that discuss what other others have done. Even though you’re going through a publisher, the marketing principals on the author’s end are still similar.

    I would, of course, be happy to help out with a review. In the meantime, I hope the editing continues to go well!

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  2. 🙂 I am over three years in the making of a collection, in the meantime I have written more pieces than what I had in the time I started. I think it is wonderful you are pushing towards in it and can see the birth of it so clearly.

    Good luck

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