The Beast Inside

In this, the tomb
Of hearts encased
Where darkness falls
For fears embraced-
It is the moment
Left to chance
That gutters, wavers
Breathes its last
While we watch
The love that thrived
Between us suffer
Gasp and die-
This kiss of life
This ray of light
These silken velvet
Lips on mine
To taste this sun
Upon my tongue
What dark kept hidden
From both of us-
In this, the womb
Where lust gestates
Where want and love
Do lie in wait
For branding touch
On hungry skin
For eager mouths
To taste again
Slip against this
Satin cage
And feel what rampant
Desires rage-
Awake the beast
Where she sleeps
And pray for strength
To still the beat
For in this, the tomb
We live and die
We find our peace
We fall or fly
Within this darkness
Locked inside
A forgotten Temptress’
Wanton sighs-
Ignite and burn
With lover’s touch
To quiet her
And quench her thirst.

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