The Christmas Post – Or Close as it Gets

As I scroll through my reader these days, I see so many holiday related posts. This is because, for “normal” people, it’s a big part of life, this holiday season. I’ve run blogs before… kept one going for over 8 years, to be exact, and as always, regardless of my personal feelings on the subject, I start feeling that pressure to conform. As though, if I don’t wish everyone a ‘merry,’ ‘happy,’ ‘good’ something, I’m that guy with the green fur and permanent frown.

I won’t conform, though. And I won’t go into my history with Christmas, either. Nor will you hear any ‘bahs’ or ‘humbugs’ coming from this direction. My feelings are my feelings, they are rooted in experiences I’d as soon forget, and I do actually want every person to celebrate and enjoy the season in whatever way they choose.

My wishes for peace and joy go out to each of you; not just at Christmastime; it is something I wish for you every day of the year.

Love, Felicity

14 thoughts on “The Christmas Post – Or Close as it Gets

  1. Felicity – i think you and I may have been separated at birth. I cannot do the holidays, either – the best i can do is light my mother’s menorah and with the 10 year anniversary of her death coming up at the end of the week, i may not even be able handle to do that, but will do my best because it always meant a lot to her. last year i wrote quite a bit about the nutcracker – a ballet i danced for over 10 years – this was the best i could do and i will most probably be reblogging these posts this year – at least on tumblr. xx


  2. Felicity,

    I couldn’t agree more! People tend to only be cheerful and spread love during the holidays, but us, we want it to be that way everyday! We have lots of loving to give so why bottle it up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, birthdays, etc.?


    1. Thank you! And with all the good cheer that’s supposed to be around right now, to me it seems the holidays incite nothing but stress and annoyance at our fellow humans; another reason I am opposed. Shopping is a terrifying, life threatening endeavor right now! 😉

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  3. I enjoy the Holidays, only time of the year when love ones get together, so I can’t say I completely agree with you there. Though I feel “Christmas” posts are so unnecessary, by the simple reason that anything that needs to be said have been said before, so from that perspective I’m with you all the way.

    And I agree that wishing anyone well shouldn’t be limited to this time of the year, but I cherish seeing the hypocrisy emerge in my circles because it makes me value those in my life actually being worth my emotional investment.


  4. I’m sorry to hear it’s a bad time of year for you honey. A lot of people find Christmas a difficult time, for many reasons. I’m glad you don’t feel the pressure to conform and jump on any bandwagons! You’re feelings and opinions are just as valid as any one else’s.
    And you know I wish you peace, love, joy and everything good, every day and always! x


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