Fallen Eden’s silent death
Of eroding shore beneath the crash
Of sighing singing ocean
To eat her with its laugh-
The music of a thousand climes
Of salt, of sea, of sinking sands
The clap of thunder silences
The dawn of richer lands-
For what diaphanous distant veil
Could fall upon the eyes of hell,
What whisper could remind her
Of the past her arms once held?
Nevermore the dreams that whispered
Or the hand that clasped the breast of youth-
The age-ed plodding heart
Now leaps in hope of truth;
A wealthy nation’s slow rebirth
Emerging paradise-
A land so flowing milk and honey
No extremes of fire or ice-
Mountains burst from soil chest,
Rivers of winding rend-
Shades of green, a verdant cloak
Cast over all the land;
Cries arising skyward, bow,
Muted, your hopeless prayers-
In whispers beg forgiveness and
Possess what once was theirs.

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