Today, I felt like I let down a friend. The details are unimportant; what is important are the emotions involved. Mine, theirs… mostly theirs. But their emotions I can’t be sure of.

I suspect they weren’t as wounded as I felt they should have been. If the tables had been turned, it wouldn’t have been something that I would feel particularly let down by. Maybe a little disappointed. But nothing I couldn’t get over in about a minute.

But it was hours ago, and still, I worry. I worry that this person protected my feelings by hiding theirs.

Am I worried because they were let down? Or because I showed a human flaw?

Love, Felicity

16 thoughts on “Flawed

  1. You feel bad because you a good person who never wants to cause pain or upset. You are worried that whatever you did caused your friend pain and that makes you a good friend, despite your actions or lack thereof.
    All you can do is be straight with them, tell them how much you regret it and invite them to express their hurt if they feel it. As you say, it probably wasn’t even as big a deal to them as you think it was!
    And it’s not shameful to feel bad that you showed a flaw! We all have them and we all make mistakes. We are all just trying to get along…
    I hope you stop beating yourself up honey! Honestly, you have a good, kind heart, never doubt that. x

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    1. Kittykat said it so well. When I’ve let a friend down, or vice versa, those good friendships worth working for have always been cemented further by an openness about the ‘incident’ that arose.
      And if they aren’t, well you did your best and shouldn’t regret it.

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  2. I’m super protective of my friends so I am constantly on the lookout for things like that. I’ve let people down without realising it because I am selfish. If I realise it though, I’m very upset with myself. Hang in there, Felicity.

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  3. It would be wonderful to have a friend like you who continues to be concerned that she has hurt one’s feeling. Just wait until the next time to speak with her. You’ll be able to tell if she’s actually upset.

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