And still the aftershocks
Trembling this young earth
Yet untrodden virgin soil
Given to its birth-
Rending forth explosive fire
Reaching for a worth
While screaming destinations of
Some Celestial’s sailing berth-
On beyond Polaris
Shaking now and breaking
Running eyes beseech my soul
Where other suns forsaken
Such fury once beheld in palm
Of just such a migrant soul
Euphoric once a soaring heart
Now a falling snow-
And still the tremors shaken
Throbbing limbs unused and weary
Lie beside the strengthened pulses
Of a lasses’ listless body-
Still the tremble reminisces
Still the touch of fire-
Pirouetting toward empyrean
Castles held on high.

6 thoughts on “Quickening

  1. Pirouetting – I love this word – I will say that if I ever execute a pirouette again, it will be in a dance studio – amidst the world where I truly belong. and it will be for me – no one else. This is a lovely piece.

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      1. It it is – it is a step in classical ballet – Where a dancer stands on one leg (half pointe or full pointe) and the other leg is bent at the knee and the toes are pointed and touching the supporting leg. Picture the number an upside down number four. 🙂

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