I follow a wide variety of blogs. This is because I am interested in a wide variety of topics. I think, in order to be worth your mettle as a writer, you must have a mind that is always reaching and exploring and taking in new information. People often comment here things like, Felicity, what brought you to my blog about Cantonese cooking? You write erotic stories about unspeakable acts, why are you in my kitchen?

I love to cook. And I like to think that, if the urge ever grabbed me, I could take some of the knowledge I picked up from your amazing blog and make myself something delightfully Cantonese for dinner.

Or what about the children’s writer who stopped by this afternoon? He said something profound in a comment here, and I am paraphrasing my new friend Al, but the idea of his comment was, what is the dark without being juxtaposed against the light? This is a huge part of my own writing. I often mix sin with religious imagery. I play good off evil. Wicked off pure. Without these contrasts in our writing, in our lives, everything would be monochromatic and meaningless. And the starker those images are, I think, the more interesting the story is.

So while nothing is black and white, my friends, everything is black and white.

I intend to start a blog roll here very soon. There are many amazing blogs in this community that I’d like to share with the world of my readers. It is on my to-do list. And if you see me pop up in your notifications, and you wonder what an erotica writer is doing lurking around your vicarage, or your sewing room, or your child’s nursery, please don’t be alarmed. Because the bottom line is, I am a writer. And writers are always exploring this amazing world.

Love, Felicity

23 thoughts on “Exploration

  1. Well said, Felicity. I agree with every word, every space in between, the commas and the full stops, the hyphens and the apostrophes. Let no articles, conjunction, noun, verb or adverb remain unused in your blog. And may the Lord give my heart the strength to be able to take the army of exclamation marks your blog brings with it. Umlaut? Please, Felicity, do use umlauts in your writing. 😀

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