Dancing demon
on my soul
laughing, leering
sneering ghoul
tell me why
you’re here tonight
to sit upon
my chest and lie
about the way
I see myself
the way I chide
and deride myself
I think the fault
lies just with you
I think I know
I can’t undo
the harm I’ve done
to ones I’ve loved
the ones I’ve left
to mourn what was
I can’t take back
this love I feel
nor stitch these wounds
that will not heal
I live with these
all my regrets
I do not need
your taunts and threats
I live each day
with hope for more
while keeping tally
of my score
and if it’s hell
I’m headed for
it’s worth the pain
worth dying for
because that’s what love
is all about
it’s what you’ll give up
beyond all doubt
so demon dancing
on my chest
away with you
and let me rest.

20 thoughts on “Terms

      1. This is my problem. My writing. I am having trouble feeling it. Not certain what the point is, if it has value – all silly stuff I know. Sometimes I fight the need to not compare myself to other writers. I see what they write and I hate what I see on my own pages. The demon is insecurity – this terrible need to compare myself. I am at this moment not wanting to write. I haven’t since Tuesday.


      2. I know this feeling. I am the same way. I think, to some degree, every artist is.

        What you have to realize is that your writing has value. It may not sound as good to you as that of others, but it isn’ t the quality of your words, it is that you are so close to your own feelings. So while what you say may not always ring true to you, you can bet that there is someone out there for whom your words will mean the world.

        I’ve read you, Kimberly, you are a wonderfully talented writer. So don’t give up on it, or on yourself. Keep putting down honest thoughts and sending them out into the world.

        As for the demons? As nasty as they are, they are what make us good writers. Without the conflict, what truth would there be behind our words? Everything would fall flat. what is love without hate? Black with white? Right without wrong?

        It will get better. But insecure is something you don’t need to be 🙂 Hugs!


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