Restless lover on a sigh

Gentle breath restored

Stranger’s voice asks who am I,

To which I say no more;

Silent journey into dreams

My head laid next to his

That I know of what he sees

Remains my only bliss;

Desperate touch felt on my skin

Pleading in the dark-

All I have I offer him,

All except my heart;

Stealthy dawn to part with night,

With her he leaves my bed-

With her he lives the waking time

While I battle the unsaid.

Restless lover in my arms

Passion’s fruit reborn,

Ripened, sweet, held in my heart:

A saint can bless a whore.

15 thoughts on “Jaded

    1. Thanks very much! I have found that too, people I thought I was following suddenly not there anymore! I’m just getting the feel of tumbler… don’t really know my way around yet πŸ™‚

      thank you very much!


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