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Enough Said

This movie, starring the late James Gandolfini and Julia Louise-Dreyfuss was one of the funniest, smartest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

The humor was intelligent, and real. It wasn’t people cracking dumb jokes or making vague references that you know you’re supposed to laugh at but just don’t get. I completely connected with both characters. I’d have fallen head over heels for Albert. I think I did, for an hour and a half. And I related to Eva’s awkwardness, her uncertainty. I didn’t relate to her shallowness. But I think I could understand it. In the end, I was rooting for her, yelling at her, crying with her.

It’s been a long time since I was able to so emotionally invest myself in a movie. Everything about it felt real and true. For the first bit it kept a huge grin plastered on my face, combined with some genuine laughs out loud. Then, there was frustration, and tears, lecturing Eva to get her head together and not make a huge mistake.

As for Gandolfini – I have to say I’m not too familiar with his work. I remember him as the gay mobster that mostly redeemed the movie The Mexican. Brad Pitt could have stayed home for that one. And The Sopranos is on my bucket list of shows to watch. I will definitely be watching it. In this I found him entirely convincing, flawed, loveable, heart-breaking, stronger than anyone guessed, more fragile than anyone knew. He played Albert with presence.

The supporting cast was also excellent. The mother/daughter/friend relationship also completely believable. The fragile mother/daughter bond completely relatable.

I will stop there, so as not to give away anything, to encourage you to give this movie a try. It’s well worth the time.


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