Drip like tar or blood drying on the blade of
a word, a knife, so sharp trying to laugh
not cry, don’t cry for me, for my broken heart

Eyes like ice-water or pools of cool blue sky
they used to see me, to see need and love and hear the sighs
of lust and longing, of us in youth belonging to

Something larger, like passion, whispering in willow boughs
sighing through meadows of clover and horsetails and bowing
‘neath changing winds, exciting, enticing, inviting you in

Now cracking, this desert, windswept and aging
beneath a fire sun stroke and stoked and burning and raging
and waning, you wane for me while I burn like a star into

A cool black night, my skin is alight, my pussy is wet
and you turn your back, close your eyes, choose to not see
where my hunger takes me, in this eternal yawning galaxy


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