Quiet heartbeat

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Laughing in the face

Of all we assumed

The happy flirting

And encouraging words

That left their marks

Etched deep in the wood

Of a soul never known

Not worth knowing

Because you weren’t looking

If skin wasn’t showing.

And that quiet heartbeat

Becomes diminished

As it shatters in pieces

At knowing we’re finished

It isn’t my fault

Except I made you a god

I built you a place here

To rejoice or hide

I offered you shelter

A mooring to rest

And you burned down the house I built

With your carelessness.

Your careless words.

Your thoughtlessness.

Was all I heard.

4 thoughts on “Thoughtless

  1. i love when another poet enters my life, helps this new born poet to learn, my delusional art of poetry. Thank you for dropping by thisoldtoad, please have a look @


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