From this place of light buried deep in my soul
I pour out these words like a salve, to soothe you, to cool you, to make you whole
to cover and heal your broken heart, to end the sadness that softly, quietly breaks you apart-
But you don’t know me.

So dark and encompassing is this forest you haunt
lost amongst many, one in a crowd of crying souls and creatures that taunt
and tease and nip and taste and leave, but you wander, a lone wolf, a rogue wave on a still sea.

But you don’t see me.

I watch and I wait, I whisper these words against your cheek
and I treat your heartache like it was my own, like you were my own, as you scale these peaks
and fall into these valleys of shadow, and I take your burdens to ease you, and you grow.

But you don’t feel me.

Because you don’t need me.

Any more.

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