Stolen youth

now given back

Gentle truths

spoke as facts

Of life and love

and lust and need

Of things above

the dust and greed

It wasn’t about

the ocean between us

Nor about

the years that gleaned from us

All of those lovers

lost ‘long the way

The roads never taken

the songs never played~
But precious words

writ on a page

Like fragile birds

now frightened away

A smiling face

A trusting gaze

A promise to stay

and face the fray~

Those demons hiding

in the dark

Waiting, smiling

while I fell apart

You spoke a word

and stepped between

You raised a sword

and silenced their screams~
And the armour you wear

and the sword that you wield

are not made of chainmail

nor hammered of steel~
The fortress you build

isn’t fashioned of stone

Nor is the leaf gilding

your breast made of gold~
For the purest of these

is the heart pounding deep

In the breast of a friend

whose secrets I keep.

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