If you read my mind

Would you understand my heart?

If you followed my signs

Would we finish apart?

If I held out my hands

Would you meet me half way?

If I reached up to kiss you

Would you push me away?

If I asked for your body

To comfort and hold me
Would you open your arms

Or would you deny me?

If I raised my voice

Against the sky
Would you turn down the sound

Or would you reply?

If I turned my whole world

Up on its ear
Would you wait on the tarmac

Or pretend not to hear?

If you looked in my eyes

And put your hands on my skin
Would you find love for me

Or would it all end?

If I opened my lips

And I called out your name

Would you answer my cries

And reply with the same?

If I closed my eyes

And I left you today

Would you be able
To throw us away?

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